An Ocean Called Design

The First Steps Into Design

Mitt Patel
2 min readAug 29, 2019

When I was creating a couple of logos for a class assignment, I had my first dip in the ocean called design. I had made six design logos of objects that had been on my mind. The objects that I had in mind were: a pocket watch, a candle, a couple of dice, ice cream, a sunflower, and a bow and arrow. I had spent hours upon hours in a chair fiddling with adobe illustrator trying to learning the program. After learning the program, a legendary battle had started between man and machine, and after weeks of battle, the fruits of my labor were finally revealed . As I saw my logos, I had realized how much I enjoyed creating something that came from my own mind and how my hands and mind become one to make something special.

The first logos I have ever created

The Present and Future

What I think of design right now is that I want to go deeper and further into design. I want expand my reach, skills, knowledge, and overall understand of adobe programs, while also creating design pieces in each of the program so I can share it with the world. Something else that I think about design, is that design doesn’t have to stop with logos, as design is everywhere in the world, from billboard, ads, being in schools, and in our everyday life. I think that design is apart of our lives and that everywhere we go, we will see design. I also hope that design, is a big part of my life in the future. For the future, I hope I can go through life, looking at designs, making my own, and also making a splash in the design world. Also, where I want design to take me in the future, is to make a couple of my dreams for the future to come true. Those design dreams for the future are to

  • Help make a poster for a movie
  • Create a logo for a superhero comic
  • Create a video game character logo
  • Making a logo for a sporting team

So as my introduction to design was just like a dip into the ocean, I hope that my future in design will make a tsunami that will be felt everywhere in the design world and in the real world.



Mitt Patel

Hello, my name is Mitt Patel. I am amateur designer. I love to play video games. Also, love to travel, and I have been to California, India, Mexico, and etc.